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longchamp outlet uk The burden of polio

The burden of polio

The indifference towards them is something we also see in the education sector. Government schools are neglected because the children of the wealthy, the powerful, of course do not attend them. They go to the plush private schools reserved for the privileged, where standards match those of the developed world. And of course, along the same pattern, their off spring visit the best paediatricians and are duly given high quality, imported vaccines including the polio drops thousands are deprived of. With parents made helpless by the forces of poverty, illiteracy and militancy there is no one to watch over them. With the year still over three months from reaching its end, Pakistan has already recorded 164 cases of polio in the country. This puts it at risk of crossing the mark of 199 cases in 2000. Already the total is well over the 93 cases recorded last year. And in comparison, the other two countries still ranked as endemic for polio in the world, Afghanistan and Nigeria have fared much better with eight and six cases respectively. This new restriction went into place on June 1 this year. Implementation has been so poor that travellers from across the country have been reporting that at all major airports they were frequently not even asked about the certificates or made to produce them. In some cases, when they tried to present the documents to immigration officials, they were simply shooed away. This does not reflect a very serious attitude towards dealing with a problem which international bodies feel threatens the world and not just our country. The largest number of cases 118 have been reported from the Fata areas where conflict and bans from militant groups prevent the delivery of the drops to children. In some cases, desperate people have been known to smuggle in the vaccine from hospitals in Khyber Pakhtunlhwa where cooperative doctors have packaged it for them and advised on how they are to be administered. KP itself has 27 cases, well ahead of other parts of the country. Perhaps the government

of that province should be focusing on this issue rather than staging the sit ins it is continuing with in various cities of the country. As the world watches in horror, the figures keep rising. Because of them Pakistan is seen as a menace to the world. Our media too focuses largely on this aspect of the problem; the humiliation the country faces. This of course is true, but surely the focus should be on rescuing our own people from the agonies they face and directing attention to their welfare. This after all is the primary role of government. Sadly it appears to have forgotten all about it with bureaucratic wrangling taking precedence. The reality is that we have lost control of our state. It has been snatched away in segments by outfits that operate outside the boundaries of the law. Not just the tribal areas but parts of Karachi too have fallen into their hands. The polio upsurge is a symptom of this. Things have worsened quickly over the past few years, and today it seems hard to believe just 28 cases of polio were recorded in 2005. These of course were also too many, but the downward spiral we have slipped into since then just continues on and on and on. Even as we saw the number of cases mount, the polio crisis was ignored far too long. Indeed it is ironic that agencies with no direct links to Pakistan continued to write letter after letter, imploring people in government to come to the rescue of their own children. It seems no one heard the call. Quite aside from the entire polio affair, people, especially children who are especially vulnerable to disease do not get the healthcare they require. This is true even of major cities. In parts of the country there are people who have never in their lives seen a doctor, nurse or dentist. This overall condition of healthcare contributes to the failure to vaccinate against polio.

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