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the north face outlet uk How to Stop Clothing From Stretching Out of Shape

How to Stop Clothing From Stretching Out of Shape

Lay clothes flat on a laundry screen rather than hanging them up to dry, if possible. Some clothes, especially heavy ones like sweaters and sweatshirts, are more likely to stretch than others, but all clothes, especially cotton ones, can stretch over time when consistently hung up to dry.

Use hangers that fit your tops and dresses well when hanging clothes in the closet. If you use on that’s too large, even once, the top can stretch out of shape. Fitted shirts in general should be folded or the shoulder area can take the shape of the hanger, according to Appalachian State University. In addition, some clothes, such as sweaters, should not be hung up or else they’ll stretch over time from their sheer heaviness. Fold them instead.

Unbutton the top buttons or unzip pants when putting them on and taking them off. Not taking these extra steps can eventually stretch the neck or waist of your clothes.

Avoid wearing fitted clothes if you gain weight since many clothes tend to grow with you up to a certain point. When you lose the weight, you may be disappointed that your favorite clothes, which should fit, are now baggy.

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